We are pleased to offer a registry for voluntary and possibly regulatory measures to combat slavery in fishing.

It’s a great opportunity to show progress and gain recognition for efforts to combat modern day slavery in seafood production.

Please contact us to add an initiative to the registry.

We will need information to validate the entry, starting with name and contact information.

Items currently in the registry: 

Shrimp Sustainable Supply Chain Task Force

Date added to the registry: May 12, 2016

Supporting materials: SSSCTask Force__Brussels_RTG_26_04_2016_V1

For more information contact:


Why a Registry?

Here at Labor Safe Screen we are called upon sometimes to define “low risk” for seafood, with respect to the issue of modern day slavery.

It’s a pretty serious question.  The authorities (ILO, UN, US Departments of State and Labor) have reported where:

-Slavery incidents are documented in fishing sectors

-Human trafficking occurs in seafood production and is not isolated

-Human trafficking in fishing is known to occur in a country, but the extent is unknown

-Countries are not making sufficient efforts to combat slavery in fishing, and

-Countries have not ratified Palermo or core child and forced labor ILO conventions to provide adequate safety and protection to fishers and plant workers in their seafood sectors.


This leaves the question of, what about the majority of fisheries where modern day slavery is not part of production?

We seek to recognize seafood sources as low risk where:

-There are no findings of slavery

-Protective regulations are in place

-New regulatory measures are combating slavery in fishing, and

-Voluntary measures are underway and can be validated.

Please contact us to help identify these sources and share good news about voluntary initiatives.


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