Tech Fix

Slavery is a human problem.  Slavery in supply chains is a business problem.  Supply chains can solve some big problems, for example seafood supply chains solve food safety problems with cold chain solutions built on hazards analysis and control points — tech fixes.

Slavery can not be ‘solved’ by tech fixes. Some supply chain problems can be, like untangling human rights risks and checking procedures are in place to protect worker safety.

Labor Safe Screen is both a tech fix and a human solution.  It presents an opportunity to manage knowledge and conditions in workplaces throughout a supply chain.  Designed for seafood, Labor Safe Screen is built for complicated and fragmented supply chains weaving across the planet through high seas and developing countries.  Not all parts of the chain have the same regulatory environment or the same procedures.  Not all organizations in the chain can be seen, not all facilities are visible, but perishable food products arrive in end markets safe to eat, because the safety hazards are controlled.  If fish handling can be managed safely then labor handling can be managed safely.

Safe Seafood = safe fish + safe people. That is the premise of the Labor Safe Screen.

What’s the tech fix?  Information systems and technology.   Put risk screening into food traceability software and voila, safety hazards can be controlled.   This year the Labor Safe Screen is being built into Trace Register food traceability software, which is used widely in the U.S. grocer retailer community.

The LABOR SAFE DIGITAL CERTIFICATE presents an opportunity to companies in a supply chain to work together to pool knowledge of worker rights, entitlements, and labor conditions to spot risks in the workplace, manage the response, and respond with procedures to close out hazards and remedy breeches.

Winner of the Grand Prize in the Partnership for Freedom challenge to rethink supply chains to combat modern slavery, the Labor Safe Screen Digital Certificate is a tech fix companies can take up to act on a huge global issue.  Joining into the solution provides not only assurances and proof of efforts but real information about product origins, material inputs, and vendors for procurement teams to source smarter and a competitive advantage for food businesses to thrive and grow.

Contact Sustainability Incubator or Trace Register to look into it or for a demo.

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