Finalist in the Rethink Supply Chains competition by the Partnership for Freedom

Sustainability Incubator and Trace Register are bringing the seafood sector more of the story behind the food.

Specifically, we are looking into digital certificates for reporting on the conditions of production at sea, around ports, and in processing that retailers increasingly want to hear about.  It’s a way to build trust and to verify that imported products were made legally all the way through the chain.  It’s called Building Trust in Fishing at Sea.

In future, Trace Register shall offer certificates where seafood exporters or importers can report on product origins to show due diligence to avoid products made from illegal fishing and human trafficking in some seafood production.

Essentially we are adding the checks from the Labor Safe Screen and other legality verifying procedures to Trace Register.  We applied for this challenge to help raise funds to do it.  Our team was selected as a finalist.  It means we’ll receive support to develop the prototype and have a shot at the $250k prize.

Lots of press about this competition:

We are focused on where the good business is in due diligence.  With rigorous research and technology we are isolating the problems and be efficient about turning these challenges into a solution.  Feedback is always welcome.